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Just Jade

My beautiful Jade

It is with the heaviest of hearts I sit here and try to write this message to you all, we as a family have come to rely on your love and support over the last year or so, it seems so much longer in some ways but in others just the blink of an eye.


Sadly, Jade grew her wings and, on her terms, went quietly in her sleep on Thursday morning.

The sick twist is that on Wednesday she had an appointment with an oncologist who was prepared to start immunotherapy treatment with her here in the UK. Unfortunately, all the treatments she has had to endure had left her too weak to fight anymore.

We are so immensely proud of her and have nothing but admiration for the way she has battled this evil disease. For her unstinting positivity, practicality and good humour, she has, and will always be, an inspiration for us all.

We respectfully ask that you allow us some time to come to terms with our loss and deal with our grief. We need to spend time making sure that Helen, Dean, Amber, Gareth and Eva find the strength to get through this. We know you will understand and appreciate that. Thank you.

RIP darling girl

Our darling Jade will be laid to rest on Monday 15th July. She will leave from The Sun, 148 Hanworth Road, Hounslow TW31UG at 12.30

A non religious service will be held at Hanworth Crematorium at 1.20 to celebrate the life of Jade.


Family flowers only please donations in lieu to JustJade in anticipation of a charitable fund being set up in Jades name to help others travelling the same journey Jade has.

My daughter's story

I need your help to save my daughter's life so she can see her daughter grow up.

I really am struggling to know how to begin to tell this story because for me it is emotionally crippling so bear with me and I will do my best…….

Whether it's a donation or a fundraising event, ANYTHING!

PLEASE use the links on this page.

Thank You

My Family

A little about us

My name is Helen Rayner, I am a publican in Hounslow, west London. I have two daughters 30-year-old Jade and 25-year-old Amber. Their father is an ex-military man, he served in the Grenadier Guards for 22 years.  I am also a proud grandmother to Jade's beautiful 5-year-old daughter, Eva. Jade is married to Gareth who is also ex-military and now a fitness instructor. Jade is a serving officer in the Metropolitan police force.

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The Facts

In February of 2017 Jade was diagnosed with stage 3c triple negative breast cancer which for those of you that don’t know is a rare and aggressive form of cancer which had already spread to her lymph nodes. Well as you can imagine we as a family were all blown away by this news with the exception of Jade whose attitude towards it was ‘OK, I have it lets get on with it’.

Months of aggressive chemotherapy, surgery and a good hammering of radiotherapy followed yet all the way through Jade was amazing and an inspiration to us all. Not at any time did she complain or whinge, not even when her hair started falling out, she just reached for the clippers and took control. Her sense of humour never faltered and, to be perfectly honest, helped the rest of us through. Her whole focus was on beating this disease and getting back to work and continue with her life.

The day Jade was given the news that she had had a complete pathological response to treatment (the all clear) she left the hospital like her backside was on fire. I literally had to run to keep up with her!

In February 2018, as soon as the doctors permitted, Jade returned to the job she loves albeit on recuperative duties slowly building up her hours with a view to return to full duties in September. But, in late May Jade began suffering from a persistent headache, she just couldn’t shift it. By the first week of June she could stand the pain no more and took herself to A&E. Jade insisted on a CT scan, after revealing her recent medical history they finally agreed to do it. Sadly, the results of the scan revealed several masses to Jades brain that were suspected to be the breast cancer that had metastised. Further scans, an MRI and PET resulted in the following diagnosis:

Stage 4 Brain Mets a Total of 7 Tumours

Yes you read that right….. 7 metastatic brain tumours. Due to the location and number of tumours surgery to remove them is not an option in the UK.

Jade was referred to the Royal Marsden hospital in London where they performed 3 sessions of stereotactic radiosurgery (the cyber knife). They treated all 7 tumours in a bid to shrink them as much as possible. If this treatment is successful it will buy Jade some time, but we won’t know how the tumours have reacted until October 2018 when she will be scanned again. In the meantime, we are trying holistic therapies, diets and anything else that may help. Then there is the relentless search for treatments in other countries.

In the UK Jade has been given 12-24 months to live, yet in the USA, with the right treatment, people are living for many years with their cancer being classed as dead or sleeping.

We have met with a young woman from the UK by the name of Melissa Huggins who 10 years ago was also given 2 years to live by doctors in the UK and, like us, Melissa’s parents refused to accept the prognosis and took her to the USA for treatment. 10 years on, Melissa is now married with a young daughter. She has no idea if her cancer is dead or sleeping….. but shes still here.

We have found a fantastic clinic in the USA, Duke Health, that believe they can treat Jade, they are currently working on a care plan specifically for her. But this is going to cost, we are not sure as yet what that will be in terms of money, but there is no price too high to put on such a sad waste of a beautiful life and the devastation and loss that would ensue should we not achieve our goal and GET JADE WELL so she can watch her daughter grow into as wonderful a woman as her mother is.

The Plan

After many sleepless nights and endless researching I have found hospitals in New York and North Carolina that can do so much more for Jade than in the UK. They are currently working on a treatment plan devised specifically for her based on the information and scans I have sent them.


This is all going to take time so, in the meantime, I have to get busy. This is going to be a very costly treatment programme regardless of which hospital we go with but until there is a definite plan in place I wont be able to get precise costings.  I have put my house on the market and pooled every penny I can lay my hands on but it is never going to be enough, with alternative therapies alone in the UK the funds are already dwindling rapidly. So here it is…..


Whether it’s a donation or a fundraising event ANYTHING please follow the links on this page and help me help my baby.

Thank you

In Conclusion

I will never forget the day Jade & Gareth sat me down to tell me this devastating news. To say it has massively altered our lives as a family is a gross understatement.  After the initial shock of being told my darling daughter is going to die and drowning in my own tears, I had to give myself a serious reality check and resume my role of MUM in order to start the fight against the UKs prognosis.


I look at my 5 year old Grandaughter and I know that as long as I have breath I  have purpose. That purpose is to make sure Jade is at her daughters 16th birthday party - 11 years from now


Want to help?

You can donate directly to our fund using either the PayPal or Just Giving buttons below or contact us with your ideas of fundraising events. Don't forget to like and follow us on Facebook too.

Please download a poster and display where your can. If you would like a higher resolution, please email paularayner@yahoo.co.uk

Monies raised for this cause will be used solely for medical costs incurred for Jade's treatment. Any funds over and above this will be donated to Triple Negative Breast Cancer Research, and to someone else raising to save their life!


In the unfortunate event that the worst happens, and Jade doesn’t get treatment in time, she would like a portion of the fund to be used on professional bereavement counselling for Gareth and Eva. She would also like some funding to go to an organisation that is striving to set a new ‘normal’ for people that find themselves in similar, seemingly impossible situations.

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As a police officer Jade runs towards danger to help others, now she needs others to help her to be here for Eva

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