What this means to me

I’ve spent so much time and effort hiding myself and my family away from the limelight for obvious reasons but I’m going to share with you just why this was such a big deal to us, to me.

In 2015 I was on duty when i drove past a male who I knew was wanted for numerous domestic offenses and was a huge risk to others. I turned my car around and stopped the car he was traveling in with 2 other males. I got him out of the car and in handcuffs. The other two males exited the car and both shot off in opposite directions. I left the male with my colleague and set off in pursuit of one, I lost him across 6 lanes of the Great West Road where my colleagues eventually picked him up hiding in a garden! (Just to add in so people are aware of what officers endure - my emergency button was activated as my radio wouldn’t transmit and cut out leaving me chasing this 6 foot man thinking I was completely alone! Luckily my radio did transmit the emergency button activation and my colleagues were heading towards me, it turned out I was in an unknown black spot! I lost him due to struggling to run, a trip to a&e disclosed a broken rib that I’d gained from a previous day at work!) the male was deported as a result of the offenses committed. A few weeks later I received a call stating the male had recognized me through my sister and was contacting people she knew to find out where I lived. I had CCTV and panic buttons installed in my home to reduce the risk as I had been informed he was back in the country. I believe he has been arrested and deported at least 5 times since that incident!

So, that’s just one reason why. Also that I am naturally a private person. There are so many people out there that hate the police, very few of them have justification for their feelings. You can say I have a biased view but you need to be told...... the majority of police officers joined the job to make a difference. To protect people and take the baddies off the streets to make the world a better place. Yes and to drive fast, that is fun. Whatever these people get sent to deal with, they do it professionally and to the best of their abilities for an Organisation that is underfunded and government that has forgotten about them. They get as frustrated with the system as victims and the general public do, if not more!

Also appointment at COC today was enlightening. MRI was easy, no contest which means no needle, woohoo! 7-10 day wait for those results now. I also have my second opinion appointment next Tuesday at Guys, gets me closer to Professor Tutt who specializes in triple negative breast cancer. Hopefully its with his team, we can’t get an appointment with him otherwise as he’s not accepting any more patients privately, hopefully the same isn’t said for NHS!

So you just had to read all that just for me to share this article with you and tell you what it means for me to be doing this.

Much Love,

Jade xxx