An update from Jade

So an update from me....

I’ve still been having awful pain in my shoulder. I’ve been taking strong co-codamol and oramorph to deal with the constant pain! I won’t gross you out with the details but people who have taken these painkillers will know what this has done to my bowels 😂

I managed to convince the Drs to do an MRI on my shoulder which I had this morning along with my routine brain one. They have been quite difficult in supporting me with this scan and I’ve really had to fight to get it. Even to the point of the MRI department calling me last week to say I can have an appointment Monday if I pay £1500 for it or I have to wait u til Friday. As you can imagine I popped a pin and gave her a stern talking to! That would be a 2 week wait for an urgent appointment when they have sooner ones available!

I also contacted my rheumatologist to get his input. As you know it was him who discovered my cancer after I suffered major breathing and muscle issues. He has been to the radiographer and they’ve looked at my MRI he says there is nothing obvious on my shoulder and there are 3 areas in my brain. The brain areas are probably the 3 big masses that I had. If this is the case then the 4 little ones have been treated well and hopefully buggered off for a while! As for my shoulder I need to wait for the PET scan

​to see what else is going on elsewhere in my body. Then the rheumatologist will do an ultrasound on the tendons to see what the story is there if necessary.

I loved that the rheumatologist can get an unofficial report from the MRI. It makes sleeping a hell of allot better! I still need to await the scan being Reported officially so the above could change, it was only a quick look! I know something is going on with my body as I’ve lost all feeling in my left leg too.

But this is a good day. Hopefully I can get my PET scan on Wednesday and will have a better idea of what’s doing on.

I’ll also say thank you again to everyone who has been fund raising and those that have donated. I am one very very lucky woman to have such an amazing bunch of family and friends. That includes my blue family, I miss the crazy bunch of delinquents!

I hope this journey has shown people that the police are normal people. We have feelings, emotions and we bleed just like everyone else. Please don’t abuse them doing their job, most of them joined because they wanted to rid the world of criminals. Not because they want to piss on your cornflakes and make your life difficult. They do an amazing job with the limited resources available to them.

Much love,

The one and only

Jade xxxx

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