An Update from Helen


A Quick Update

Sorry this has taken so long for me to do, I know lots of people have been asking, but I can’t tell you how much of a spin we have been in. From doctors’ appointments to moving house and running the pub, roller-coasters and whirlwinds spring to mind. Before I continue with that, I need to try and portray to you just how much an impact the kindness shown to us has made, it is absolutely incredible and has, much of the time, been what has kept us going. From the fundraisers to the donations, to the messages of support and good wishes, utterly breath-taking. Only those of you who see and speak to us regularly will know how much this spurs us on, especially at low times and there are quite a few of those.

So Far:

So, Jade had 3 days of stereotactic radio surgery to her brain, the results of which we got on the day we flew out to Boston, USA. They showed a reduction in size of the 3 larger tumours and the 4 smaller ones are no longer visible. Due to the quality of the scan, this doesn’t mean that they have gone, but its possible. Brilliant. On the downside, they have shown it has metastasized to her spine. Major setback but… finally we got to see Dr Nancy Lin at the Dana-Farber Institute in Boston who is one of the best doctors in the USA for triple negative cancer. She has a clinical trial suitable and available for Jade and Dr Lin is working with Jade’s doctors in the UK to get her the best care available between the 2 countries. But, first and foremost, she needs to have urgent radiotherapy to try and halt what is going on in her spine.

The Good News:

All the doctors concerned in Jade’s care, both here and in Boston, are very excited about a new drug, but it’s not yet available. One of her UK doctors, Professor Schmid, headed the trials for this new drug which is a great advantage. This drug gets written up in 3 weeks’ time but it will be months before it’s accessible in the USA and a couple of years here in the UK. We will be notified as soon as it is available in the US. But, of course, it will come at a great cost, we are advised around £15K per month is the estimate at this time and that is where all your efforts will come into play.

People have so far been incredible and all I ask of you is that you keep rooting for her. All Jade has to do is keep as well as possible in readiness for this drug and, with your continued help……


My gratitude knows no bounds and one day Jade can tell Eva all about a nation of people coming together to make it possible.

Thank you

Helen, Jade's Mum

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