April Update

I don’t think we really have much of one. Health wise, I have spent some time in hospital, I think it was a lot longer than I think it was. Started the stint at West Mid and then finished it off at Guys after a little visit home. I had my own en-suite room there which was a bonus! I’m not even sure why I was there anymore!

My left leg has gone weak now as well as numb which has resulted in a few falls and tumbles. Hopefully I can get it strong again before I do myself some damage!

My eye sight has also gone weird- my right eye being the worst. I went to the opticians and they’ve said, if anything, my eyesight is better! I don’t know how to deal with that because I see double most of the time which I think is causing my falls and imbalance. Treatment wise, I’ve been having weakly lumbar punctures to treat the Lepto disease in my spinal fluid. So far so good, we are on treatment 5 and showing sign of improvement.

I’m not sure I have anything else to tell you but I’ve probably forgotten loads! I do feel like I’ve taken a turn for the worst but I feel fine at the same time which is bizarre!

Please, anyone doing any fund raising or thinking of doing any, please do, every bit really does help. The total of our fund currently stands at £185,814.30 It has slowed down and we’re still a long way off our target. We’re still as desperate as we were 9 months ago.

Jade xxx